Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Reflexive Photographer

В издательстве MuseumsEtc (Эдинбург) вышла книжка The Reflexive Photographer (2013), для которой я подготовила главу о белорусской фотографии. Подробнее о публикации на сайте издательства:

Из вступительной статьи редактора: "Svetlana Poleschuk’s chapter, Photographer’s Talk: Online Discussion Forums in Belarus, discusses the importance of online forums as places for reflection. Here, the digital world presents an ideal space for discussion and exchange. The chapter illustrates how controversial – and passionate – reflexivity can be in the construction of individual and collective identity. Issues fervently discussed by Belarusian photographers and reflected on via this online forum include Belarusian photographic identity, how the history of this identity should be interpreted, and the current, and future, state of photographic practice."